Student Health 101

What is Student Health 101

Student Health 101 is an online e-magazine for university and college students that covers a wide range of topics on health and wellness, while promoting optimal mental and physical health.

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Who contributes articles to Student Health 101?

Articles are contributed by students, University staff and faculty and medical professionals, and reviewed by the Student Health 101 Advisory Board, comprised of student service professionals, to ensure the content is accurate, relevant, appropriate and has valuable student learning outcomes. In addition, UVic has designated space to create specific content with contributions from our UVic campus representatives.

Who receives Student Health 101 updates?

All UVic students will be emailed monthly with the newest issue of Student Health 101. Emails will be sent from If you would like to unsubscribe from receiving Student Health 101 updates, please see the Student Health 101 unsubscribe page.

I have a question about Student Health 101

If you have any additional questions about Studenth Health 101, please email